Gourmet is the application to manage takeaway and home delivery orders, quickly, easily and efficiently.

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BringTheFood, l’applicazione web per recuperare eccedenze alimentari, si mette al servizio dei ristoratori con il nome “Gourmet”, per fornire una vetrina in Internet e per gestire gli ordini dei clienti.

How to order?

Choose the restaurant in your city from which you want to order
Select the offer among those available, pick the delivery method and order the food
Wait for the confirmation of your order and follow the instructions that you will receive from the restaurant.

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With Gourmet you can make your restaurant appear on the dedicated Gourmet page of your city and have your own personalized page.

Collect and manage your customers' orders.
Gourmet allows you to manage any order: with home delivery or takeaway, and with many other customizable options.